The First Post

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Hello and welcome to the new site! Here is my arbitrary first post!

What is ElectroMantis?

ElectroMantis is my personal blog / portfolio. I’ll write about my adventures in 3D modelling and animation, game development, as well as other pertinent topics. Also there will be some stuff here to download as well.

I’ve always had a fascination with praying mantises, and still find them on occasion in the backyard. Sometimes I’d pick one up and have it crawl on my shoulder, and he’d just chill out there and be my little companion for  a while. I thought that was the coolest thing.

Where is

You may have been redirected here from my old site, No worries though, all the resources you may be looking for have moved over!

As you may have realized, Second Bake was a pretty dumb name. I never really liked it, and was always in the back of my mind trying to think of a better name for my website. There’s also the fact that I do not make pies anymore 😮

But all in all, I think ElectroMantis sounds pretty good frankly.

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