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3D art

Computer generated 3D art is something that fascinated me from an early age, and to this day remains a passion of mine. There is something I find extremely satisfying about creating these characters, creatures, and entire worlds.

Character Rigs


Game Art

Personal Game Project

A lot of the 3D art I create is low poly art for games. I build the 3d models and animations in Blender, and then import them into Unity3d for my game projects. Through these personal projects I’ve also become familiar with C# within the Unity3D environment.

The Clanker's Carapace

The Clanker's Carapace was an entry for a pirate themed competition. My end result this walking robot pirate ship inspired by a crab.

All modeling was done in Blender and the textures were hand painted in Gimp.



Open Source:


Web Design / Development

Developed and designed my personal website

Designed the website for (Images, CSS)

National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library Internship.

My responsibility during this internship was cutting and editing video footage for National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library's “Oral Histories” project.



Judges Purple Ribbon - Lemon Head (Claymation video)
Presenter at ITEC Conference. Iowa City, Iowa.

Judges Purple Ribbon HRT (video game)
Presenter at ITEC Conference. Des Moines, Iowa.

ITEC Exemplary Achievement In Technology award.